GradConnect is a complete career advisory service designed to provide the next generation with information, ideas and inspiration to achieve their ambition.

GradConnect was founded in 2013 by Farzana Chowdhury and Naiian Yazdani aimed at developing an all-inclusive career support structure for Bangladeshi students, graduates and employees.

Farzana volunteered time in Bangladesh after completing her undergraduate degree in Economics at The University of Sydney and working as an analyst at Citi. Firstly as an English teacher and then as a participant in the internship program at BRAC, Bangladesh’s largest NGO. During her time in Bangladesh, it became apparent to her that while there were some agents recruiting for international universities, there was still an absence of institutions which would help guide students beyond university and into careers. Particularly, students who required a support to not only obtain a university degree but also to identify and pursue the most suitable and achievable career ambitions.

With co-founder Naiian Yazdani, Farzana aims to provide the spark for students, graduates and employees to ignite their career pathway.

GradConnect wants you to tell us your story. We want to hear about your dreams. We will guide you through your career path, and provide the map, the tools and the belief for your career journey. With the help of our digital platform, we are always in touch with you. We are just a message away.

So, where do you want to be in 10 years?

Do you want to study pharmacy at a world-leading university? Or get a masters in international finance from a top business school?

Or do you want to be an engineer, a journalist, or maybe an entrepreneur? Tell us what you want to be. Let’s start writing your story.

We believe that the world is ripe for the taking. We want you to feel it too. We want you to BELIEVE it. Just reach out and take it.

Welcome. To wherever you are. This is your life, you’ve made it this far. Now let’s get you where you WANT to be.

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