StanChart Bangladesh’s new CEO: Bangladeshi appointed at the top spot of an MNC

Skeptics have often vehemently debated that Bangladeshis can never become country managers of top multinational companies operating locally.

In October 2013, when Shehzad Munim was appointed as the first ever locally groomed CEO of British American Tobacco Bangladesh in the company’s more than 100 year-long history, multinationals seemed to be sending a clear message in the corporate world: homegrown talent is now capable of leading the largest business organizations in the top markets of the world.

In a wave of similar recognition, from  the 1st of January 2015, Standard Chartered Bangladesh appointed Abrar A Anwar as the CEO of the bank’s operations in Bangladesh, a position for which the oldest and the largest multinational bank of the country has usually recruited foreigners and only once before a Bangladeshi.

Mr Anwar is a corporate and investment banker who was previously employed as the managing director and head of global corporate and commercial banking at Citibank N.A. Bangladesh. Prior to that, he started his career at ANZ Grindlay’s Bank in 1991 as a Management Trainee right after completing his MBA from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka. He was eventually recruited by SCB in January 2011, and has been with the company ever since.

The banker brings in 23 years’ worth of international banking experiences in four different countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal and the UK. His primary focus has been on diversifying portfolios and moving beyond the traditional concepts of banking, while in the process generating revenue growth models. With his leadership, the world’s largest international bank hopes to strengthen its Bangladeshi market and achieve sustainable growth.


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