GradConnect’s Top 5 Choices for an International MBA

Traditional MBA programmes used to be based on one particular university campus with a predetermined focus on a pedagogy that combined experiential learning with classroom teaching. But as globalisation reins its holds and businesses become more global than ever before, MBA programmes at the top universities of the world are also changing rapidly.

Instructors now focus on a global perspective while recruiters also prefer students from different parts of the globe with diverse work experiences.

Today’s top MBA programmes offer geographical flexibility to the candidates and allow students to have a broad, global perspective as part of their international MBA programme. Not necessarily in any particular order, some of the top international MBA programmes are:

The Hult International MBA

With campuses in Boston, San Francisco, New York, London, Dubai and Shanghai, the Hult Business School offers a one-year-long award winning MBA programme during which candidates have to study and live in at three campus locations.

Ranked number 1 by The Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek  for post-graduate salary increase, the Hult International MBA specialises in producing graduates who can work anywhere in the world, and thrive in any cultural context with ease. The programme prides itself on its global reach and its ability to produce corporate professionals, entrepreneurs and management consultants for all parts of the globe.


Positioning itself as the “business school for the world”, INSEAD has three campuses in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Fontainebleau (France). One of the most highly sought after MBA programmes all over the world, the INSEAD MBA offers a curious blend of globalisation, multiculturalism and strong industry relations. It has faculties who have lived and worked in their fields in different corporate environments, with most of them coming with a PhD in their relevant fields. The 10-month-long MBA programme offers study abroad opportunities across its campuses for all the students.

Thunderbird International MBA

Due its focus on international markets and management across the global sphere, US News & World Report ranked Thunderbird’s programme as the top international full-time MBA in the United States.

The uniqueness of Thunderbird is the fact that it invests heavily in research of the international corporate world, and trains its graduates to be leaders with a highly global mindset. Graduates of the programme become successful international corporate leaders and have an impact on thousands of lives at different parts of the world.

Nottingham Business School’s MBA

The Nottingham Business School (NBS) is said to be the most international British university right now.

With offshore campuses in Ningbo (China) and Semenyih (Malaysia), the MBA programme at NBS allows students to study abroad at any of its Asian and British campuses while immersing themselves into the work cultures and perspectives at different global locations. Graduates of the program find excellent job opportunities at their home countries with ease.

IE Business School’s International MBA

As one of the top business schools in Europe, the Madrid-based IE Business School has been ranked highly both by the Financial Times and Bloomberg Businessweek.

The IE International MBA offers students a unique opportunity to explore European businesses and the corporate scenario with a global context, while pushing candidates to pursue entrepreneurship and socially-responsible business ventures.

While the programme is in English, most of the students take a month of Spanish too. By the time the students graduate, they already have access to a lot of businesses and successful corporate leaders who recognize their achievements and real-life experiences.

Graduates of the program are also directly recruited by the top European and North American corporations and international organisations.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

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