International education in Australia: top 10 universities preferred by GradConnect

By S.M. Tahmid

Once upon a time, it was customary for students to study post-graduate degrees in the same institution they completed their bachelors from. Job requirements were more lenient, an undergraduate degree was sufficient for entry level jobs and sometimes for mid-level positions as well.

Needless to say, things have changed in both fronts. Masters degrees have become more commonplace and most organizations have upped the bar for minimum education requirements to include it.

When it comes to the value and quality of the coursework of such degrees though, sadly our country is still not up to the mark in many levels. Therefore for postgraduate courses, students often turn to the universities of other countries.

Amongst these, Australia has always been one of the top picks. It is easy to see the reasoning behind this fact – Australia has the best internationally accredited institutions after US and UK, while being less expensive and comparatively easier to get admittance. Being from a country which is still considered developing, it is easy to see why cost is the prime determinant for many students’ choice of education.

Fortunately, Australian government welcomes international students to study without any hassle. Jobs and work permits are not hard to come by, and the government itself offers up to 250 million dollars a year in grants scholarships and financial aides to international students based on merits and other criteria. This significantly reduces the strain on making ends meet while studying.

With such a great opportunity, question naturally arises as to what are the best study options for completing postgraduates in Australia. For those future students, here are the GradConnect top 10 picks for postgraduate studies in Australia. The list is in no particular order, just the options that are deemed one of the very beacons of education in Australia.


  • Monash University, Australia

Centered in Melbourne, Monash is one of the “group of 8” best universities in Australia, and the only Australian university in the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies, and is ranked in the top 50 universities of the world in many notable listings. Established in 1958, it is also the second oldest university in the State of Victoria. Housing major research facilities such as Australian Synchroton and Australian Stem Cell Centre, it is one of the most lucrative post- and under-Graduate study destinations in the world. It has 11 campuses in total, with some in different countries, although the the Clayton Campus is still the main one.

Monash offers double degrees, and is renowned in sectors such as accounting, physics and even biological sciences for postgraduate studies, both coursework and research based. Estimated costs are around 28-33,000 AUD per year in tuition fees, with work permit for students as standard. The location is also a big help for students, as Melbourne is one of the biggest business hubs in Australia and jobs are easy to come by. They also have an extensive collection of scholarship programs for international students.


  • The University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales (UNSW) is another group of 8 member in Australia, among the top 5 of the country and is also ranked in the top 50 universities in the world. Specializing in public research, it is a very lucrative study destination for postgraduate research students. It is located in Kensington, only 7 kilometers away from central Sydney. Although it offers many degrees, it has a good selection of degrees in the engineering sector and arts. Students pursuing masters in engineering and masters in engineering sciences should make this university part of their list.


  • University of Melbourne


Once named the best university in Australia in multiple listings, University of Melbourne is a public university founded in 1853 and is the oldest in Victoria. Listed among the top 50 universities of the world, Australia’s group of 8 and listed as 2nd best in the world for degrees in education (8th for accounting and finance, 10th for psychology, 12th for Medicine and 15th for Computer Science and IT), it is in the top picks for any student from all over the world.



Located in Parkville, the central campus is in the suburbs of north Melbourne, close to the central business district. For students who have to earn to pay their tuitions, the location is very convenient. Their courses are very intensive and thorough, but the downside is the fees are of the magnitude of 34000 AUD a year and scholarships are less available than others. Still, it is a lucrative place to study, especially for accounting & finance, medicine and IT students.


  • Australian National University


One of the few universities which were founded as postgraduate research university, Australian National University (ANU) was founded in 1946 and is situated in Canberra, in the suburb of Acton in Australian Capital Territory. Ranked in the top 50 in most lists of the best universities of the world, it has 6 Nobel laureates in its faculty and alumni. It is also in the group of 8 of the best universities of Australia. It has student exchange programs with the likes of University of Oxford, Berkeley, and Yale University.


ANU has colleges in the fields of Arts and Social Sciences, Business and Economics, Engineering and Computer Science, Law, Medicine and Physical & Mathematical sciences, all focused on research and coursework programs, with the Science departments having one of the best faculty and research facilities in the world. With lots of scholarship opportunities and waiver of courses for selected students it is a great place to earn both your masters and PhD degrees. Annual fees are in the order of 34-36000 AUD, but being situated in the capital, it too offers a job-rich environment for its students.


  • University of Adelaide

University of Adelaide was founded in 1874, and it is the 3rd oldest university in Australia. Associated with 5 Nobel laureates and 104 Rhodes Scholar, it is also another of the group of 8 of Australia. Ranked in the top 100 in multiple lists of best universities in the world, the University of Adelaide is situated in the North Terrace in the city of Adelaide. For those of you who are interested in a more settled location away from hustle and bustle of cosmopolitans, Adelaide is a great location.


Focused mostly on biotechnology and marine engineering, this a top choice for students of these sectors. Providing the most intensive research centers in Australia, it deserves a nod from anyone studying in these sectors. Another noteworthy program they have is masters in Project Management, which many universities do not provide. Costs can run up to 32000 AUD/year, but with proper funding it can be worth studying there.


  • University of Queensland

University of Queensland was founded in 1909, as a public university in the suburbs of St. Lucia, southwest of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. It is the oldest and largest university in Queensland and fifth oldest in Australia. It is a part of the group of 8, and the international research-intensive universities network Universitas 21. UQ is also called a “sandstone university”, because of its high ranking in all 4 key international university ranking lists.

The key difference it has to most universities is its wide array of postgraduate computer science degrees. For graduates of computer science then, this university is the place to be. Its location serves a drawback since it is located a bit away from big cities, but its highly flexible coursework schedules make up for it. Cost is about the same as most, 28-30000 AUD/year.


  • University of Sydney


If having a lot of awards or degrees is called “over-achievement”, then University of Sydney certainly fits the bill. Founded in 1850, it is Australia’s first university, one of the most prestigious places to study, 27th in the world in terms of reputation, and in the top 0.3% of QS World University Rankings. Till date, 7 Nobel or Crafoord laureates have been a member of its alumni or faculty, and it is ranked in the top 10 most beautiful universities in the world. It is also a part of the group of 8 of Australia’s best universities, among many other consortiums and networks. It is situated in the inner suburbs of Campertown and Darlington, Sydney.


For international students, the thing that is most important here is that University of Sydney has a lot of scholarships and grants to offer. It also houses one of the biggest libraries, has art galleries and museums in its campus. And being in Sydney, the job market is also full of opportunities. Cost per year is in the order of 36000 AUD per year, and it has an extensive selection of courses in Psychology and Environmental sciences in particular.


  • University of Western Australia


Established in 1911, University of Western Australia (UWA) is another member of the group of 8. The oldest university in Western Australia, UWA is also known as a “sandstone university” – the epitome of good education. It is ranked among the top 100 universities across multiple lists. UWA has produces 99 Rhodes scholars and 1 Nobel Laureates in its time, and interestingly, has an Australian Prime minister among its alumni. Its Crawley campus sits on the Swan River, around 5 kilometers west of Perth Central.

Perth is another important city in Australia, which means job opportunities are plenty. The university has a big collection of health and business courses for post graduate studies, although the cost runs up to 33000 AUD/year.


  • University of Technology Sydney


University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is situated in the central business district of Sydney. Although not a Group of 8 institution, it is among the 400-500 bracket in world university ranking lists. It was established in 1988, although it has existed in other forms since 1870. It is part of the Australian Technology Network of universities.


What sets this university apart from the others is the amount of scholarship and funding available for students. Along with the lower cost of study of around 19-30,000 AUD/year, this university is a great choice for students of Bangladesh. Its location is also prime for job opportunities. For postgraduate studies, UTS offers various business courses among which Masters in Accounting Information Systems is highly noteworthy.


  • The University of Newcastle, Australia


The University of Newcastle (UoN) was established back in the year 1965. Its main campus is in Callaghan, a suburb of Newcastle, New South Wales. UoN was key in pioneering Problem-Based learning system for its Bachelor of medicine program which was later adapted for use by the Australian Medical Council throughout the country. The university offers courses in almost all sectors of study, although the most popular course would be their Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program.

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