Opportunities for education abroad at affordable rates: Education City in Qatar



Education City, a small multiversity community in the outskirts of Doha is an up-and-coming education capital of the Arab world. It is the epicenter of Qatar’s attempts at moving from a fuel-based economy to a knowledge-based economy where a concentration of regional and foreign talent takes place. The city hosts an array of elite schools, colleges and universities and of the nine universities in the city, eight are international. For those who are considering an international degree for taking their careers to the next level, we at GradConnect are here to tell you why this could be the perfect place for international education.

The thing that sets this small city apart is its ‘multiversity’ environment.

The city boasts six American universities, one British University and one French university. Here’s a list of the universities: Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar, Texas A&M University at Qatar, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar, Northwestern University in Qatar, HEC Paris and UCL Qatar. This impressive list in itself is an indicator of the standards that this city upholds when it comes to education. With the rising trend of universities having campuses in multiple countries and continents, Qatar has capitalized on the industry trend to invite international universities to the Education City.

The universities here uphold the same standards as their main campuses in the West and therefore entry requirements are usually the same at the Qatar campus. The tuition fees at most of these campuses are also the same as the main campus, thus making education here quiet expensive.

However, as all of these universities are under the Qatar foundation, the foundation offers financial aid to local and international students alike. The Hamad Bin Khalifa Financial Aid Program provides financial aid of up to 100% based on demonstrated need. Students have to pay 15% of their salaries upon graduation until the loan is repaid. The system also allows loans to be forgiven within 2-6 years for those who work in Qatar at an approved company. If you are willing to stay back and get industry experience in Qatar itself, an international education can be fairly cheap for you.

Living in a city whose sole purpose is to educate is a unique experience that no other region can currently offer. The city is home to about 1300 students, making it a huge campus by itself. This makes Education City one of the world’s first ‘Multiversity’ and thus an exciting educational journey unlike any other. The small community allows for more communication amongst students themselves and amongst students and teachers not only from the university you are attending, but also from the other renowned institutions in the area.

Education City is a mere half hour away from the hustle and bustle of Doha. Doha is easily accessible by using public transport such as the metro. Average meal costs per day come up to about $21 and personal expenses amount to about $9 per day. Universities have their own recreation facilities on campus with Carnegie Mellon boasting a cinema and a bowling alley on campus amongst other things. The HBKU Student Center also provides a social space for students to interact while providing amenities such as international food options and recreation.

This futuristic ‘multiversity’ provides Bangladeshi students the opportunity to attain a remarkable international education while still presenting them with practical and viable financial options. Life in Education City might be a little expensive, but it is undoubtedly an incomparable experience.

The bright side is, most students can now have access to international degrees with practical financial aid options in the Education City. All the renowned universities in the area offer all sorts of different degrees, and one must also consider that living standards in Qatar are extremely high. With one of the lowest crime rates in the world and vast amounts of resources, the region is bound to be interesting for those who want to have an excellent international degree at a much closer and safer place.

Jumana Abuwala is an Intern, Content Writing at GradInsights, the career intelligence service of GradConnect. She is also a senior at Monash University, Malaysia campus. Follow GradInsights on Facebook for more articles from her and the team.

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