The need for an international degree: why today’s students must go for an education abroad


“Internationalization is a source of differentiation and competitive advantage”

That was how during our first of many intimate conversations my academic advisor at the University of Manchester summarized my upcoming experience as an international student. In this historic university, I was slotted to be one of the members of the Class of 2014, which was said to be the most diverse pool of recruited students in the entire history of the university.

Although there are a number of reputed local universities in Bangladesh, no one can negate the importance of international experience for the modern leaders of Bangladesh. Today’s doctors, engineers, lawyers, teachers and all other professionals have the need for a comprehensive international education experience.

After all, it is no longer about the education only. Leaders today need to find solutions to social problems which is only possible through attaining knowledge and perspective about how different cultures have succeeded in growing up. International education enables students to widen their perspectives and experience an array of different cultures by studying with people from various socio-cultural backgrounds, which eventually results in better leadership qualities.

An internationally recognized degree also opens doors to a lot more future career opportunities by allowing students to build strong personal connections and providing diverse life experiences. Most of the international universities are accredited and have their alumni in prominent positions both in Bangladesh and abroad. Hence, employers place higher trust upon international degrees than local ones.

In this era of globalization where knowing one language is not sufficient at all, international education accelerates and complements fluency in reading, writing and learning new foreign languages. Studying at a local university, regardless of how reputed it is, can never provide someone with as many personal growth opportunities and life experiences as going to a university abroad can. Bridging the cultural and linguistic differences is possible only with the experience international education can provide.

Here at GradConnect, we make it possible for the youth of Bangladesh to pursue education at accredited universities worldwide. Our reach is global, and we pride ourselves on our abilities to assist students to find and apply to the perfect university according to their profile. We do not act as an agent to any particular university, but are rather professional guidance counsellors who act on behalf of the students unlike agents of universities.

And I, as the GradCoach, am a mentor to these students who have so many potentials in life. I assist them in realizing their dreams and establishing a perfect pathway through which these young and talented people can achieve great things in life. When I see how highly ambitious yet practical today’s young people are, and how much they have already achieved in their short-life, I feel inspired to work tirelessly with them to help them capitalise on  their capabilities. I am now filled with a great deal of hope—- even in all this chaos—–for the future of Bangladesh, which I believe will go into the hands of these talented youth who will definitely give their best for our beloved motherland.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

Sumaiya Afreen is the Lead Manager, International Education at GradConnect, a premiere international education and career intelligence firm. She can be reached at [email protected]. For further information, feel free to drop her a message on our facebook page


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